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Project File Included

Get access to Sully's Ableton project file & stems for the first time ever! This allows you to go in and use his chains/presets/samples.

Unlock techniques

See inside his full creative process, from opening the DAW, creating the full track, sound design, mixing/mastering.

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This is the fastest proven way to level up your production skills as you see in real time how the pros do it.

7 in-depth videos

7 modules with over 3 hours of exclusive video content for you to dissect and watch in your own time, as many times as you need.

Write BIG Drops

Learn how to write massive freeform bass drops from one of the most talked about names in the genre.

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You receive lifetime access to this masterclass and discounts for future courses from us.


“Sully” is the brainchild and nickname of Detroit-based producer, Christopher Sullivant. Weaving guttural sound design and intricate textures into wide melodic soundscapes, Sully has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with. After refining his production skills from the highly acclaimed Icon Collective, Sully first stepped into the electronic music scene in March of 2019. With a series of prolific self-releases such as “Frequency Shift” and “Quake” under his belt, Sully made hisWAKAAN debut in late 2019, where he continues to call home for his intoxicating sound. Sully embraces the beautiful juxtaposition of releasing and performing different genres of music while still maintaining a distinct sound to blanket his catalog. From dubstep to trap, drum & bass, hip hop, and more, there are no limitations to Sully’s artistry.