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So how does it work? It's simple , you just submit your wips to the artists of your choice in our private portal - they then give you detailed, constructive, and most importantly positive feedback on your music within a livestream in our private Facebook community group.

After this, you simply make the changes to your track that they've suggested and you will find yourself finishing music quicker and quicker, resulting in growing your skill level and artist project at speeds you didn't know were possible.

Daily Feedback

Get daily detailed feedback from industry leading artists on your music!

Ran By Producers

This service is actually ran by producers, for producers.

Level Up Fast

This is the fastest proven way to actually get your music finished and at the highest quality.

Free Project Files

Free ALL STARS sample pack + LEOTRIX & KILL FEED project file included in your subscription!

Only $30 a month

Currently only $30 per month (half the price of deyfre & rising icons), the cheapest service out there.

All Star Lineup

Get feedback direct from Nitepunk, Ace Aura, Slumberjack, Rohaan, Baibridge, Odd Mob & more.

Win Masterclasses

We raffle off 1 x masterclass per week to subscribers valued at $99. You also get 40% off all masterclasses!

Build Connections

Build direct connections with instructors - this has previously led to multiple teacher/student collaborations.